Everything You Need To Know About Intumescent Paint

September 22, 2021
thin-film intumescent fireproofing in Oakville

Intumescent coating is a protective layer that works by causing a chemical reaction in response to heat, causing swelling, and creating an insulating layer on the surface, with or without the release of water. Many contractors use intumescent coatings to safeguard our steel from fire. This fire protection paint is simple to apply off-site and leaves a lovely matt surface on the steel. 

If you have made your mind to go  for thin-film intumescent fireproofing in Oakville then, you are making the right decision. Here, you can get an overview of Intumescent paint and how it is beneficial for your home.

Overview of Fire Protection for Structural Steelwork

 Structural steel is a non-combustible material that does not add to a building’s fire load. However, as time passes and heat rises, the material’s strength deteriorates, threatening the structure’s stability. As a result, it is critical to install a fire prevention system to ensure that the building is properly evacuated in the event of a fire.

A fire protection system typically provides a fire resistance period – the time required to evacuate a structure – of 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Boards, sprays, concrete reinforcing, and intumescent coatings are examples of many types of fire protection methods. The popularity of intumescent coatings has increased by around 55 percent in the recent year proved in some reports.    

Types of intumescent coatings

Both thin and thick film intumescent coatings are available on the market. The former is utilized as a building fire prevention system, whereas the latter is generally used in the oil and gas business. Solvent-based or water-based thin film intumescent coatings are available. New technologies have been created recently that can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes. To hire any service, you can search on the internet with blown-in insulation near me, and you will have many options.

On-site and off-site application 

Both on-site and off-site application of intumescent paint is possible. The ability to apply the coating off-site has helped it grow its market share in fire protection systems. The shortening of the entire construction schedule is considered a significant benefit of putting intumescent paint off-site. Work on-site is greatly reduced because steelwork arrives already fire-protected and ready to install.

However, where an attractive finish is not required, off-site application of intumescent paint should be considered. 

Primed and Galvanized Structural Steel 

In many circumstances, an additional layer of primer is required before applying the intumescent paint to steelwork. A fine matt finish can be attained in this manner. A sealer coating can be used to improve the finish. Finally, intumescent layers can be put on galvanized steel if cleaned thoroughly and all grease removed.