Cementitious fireproofing and its misconceptions

July 20, 2021
Cementitious fireproofing and its misconceptions

The household often ignores fireproofing repair, and this ignorance turns the condition of the foundation critical and prone to any adverse weather conditions. If you have already done fireproofing in your foundation or if you haven’t done this yet, opting for cementitious fireproofing repair Torontofrom us will help you to resolve all the foundation-related problems in a jiffy. We are backed by modern techniques and the latest equipment to provide you superior fireproofing services. 

One thing that becomes the major hindrance in our way to offer expert roofing services is the people’s misconceptions. There are a lot of misconceptions that prevail in the minds of the people regarding fireproofing or, more appropriately, cementitious fireproofing. Let’s know some of the most common of them and thereby get some truth against them!

Misconception 1: Inappropriate containing of products 

Many people believe that cementitious fireproofing contains inappropriate products that, when applied to the foundation, can cause various demerits. One such item that is largely involved, according to these people, is the Portland cement and can adversely affect the foundation. But the truth is that this product is mixed with water for the formation of slurry or mortar and then converted with the help of some pumping mechanisms. This mechanism is held under pressure. The entire process becomes easier and can ascertain sustainability with the presence of the Portland cement. So, if you have this misconception in mind, then you can surely omit it and go for the cementitious fireproofing repair in Toronto without any worry. 

Misconception 2: The interchangeability of the cementitious and fibrous fireproofing 

Another misconception held by many people out there is that they can install cementitious fireproofing on the fibrous fireproofing for their foundation. But you must know that the elements in both of them differ a lot. Whereas cementitious fireproofing involves Portland cement binders or gypsum binders, and with water ap alignplication, it becomes slurry and offers easy application, the fibrous fireproofing contains rocky woolenfibers. This formation is quite difficult to be interchanged. That is why if you opt for cementitious fireproofing, you must consider the entire replacement of the existing fireproofing of your foundation. Although recommended by any providers for attic insulation Richmond Hill, you can ask for the same to the professional if not. 

Misconception 3: The inability to memorize the suitable products while getting the fireproofing

You may think it is difficult to opt for suitable products while getting a fireproofing service amidst distinct products. That is why you need a company with years of existence and great recognition in the concerned service. The providers for attic insulation Richmond Hill always suggest the best option suitable for your foundation and thereby help to resolve your purpose effectively. So, there’s no need to remember or recall the products. 

We are indulged with the fireproofing services for a long time, and thus, we understand every specific need of any foundation. Also, we are backed by all the modern equipment and techniques for fireproofing services that help us complete our work with ease and satisfaction. 

Get in touch with us to get a superefficient service to make your foundation fully protective and secure!