Advantages of Spray Fireproofing in Toronto

August 4, 2021
Spray fiber fireproofing

Safety is the foremost concern while designing or constructing a building. Specific accidental hazards can hamper the security of thousands of families living in buildings or independent homes. One of the main hazards that is more likely to happen in a closed structure is fire accidents. Living in a city like Toronto increases the chance of fire-related accidents. Therefore, one must be aware of various companies involved in fireproofing in Toronto.

Today, people understand the importance of fireproofing buildings or homes. There are several methods of fireproofing. One of the most effective ones is spray fireproofing. This system of fireproofing is quite reasonable and meets the safety requirements of building codes. Spray fireproofing is a passive form of protection that does not require activation before starting them. They are always in combat mode. That is why most of the households are opting for spray fireproofing in Toronto.

Types of spray-applied fireproofing are:

  1. Cementitious fireproofing: A wet mix gypsum-based formulation
  2. Spray fiber fireproofing: A dry mix formulation where mineral fiber is bound with cement.

For concealed applications, a standard density of spray-applied materials is required. While for exposed applications, a high density of spray-applied material is used as they are constantly exposed to moisture. Both these materials are highly efficient for fireproofing in Toronto.

Structures bearing steel walls and steel beams need ideal protection like spray-applied fireproofing. This passive form of protection prevents the steel structures that are exposed to flame and heat. That is one of the reasons for the increasing service of spray fireproofing in Toronto.


Spray fireproofing is more than just a fireproofing method that other flame-resistant materials are not. The foamy nature of spray-applied fireproofing helps with several forms of insulation, such as thermal insulation. This also leads to the reduction of approx. 50% of monthly utility bills.

One can easily apply spray-applied fireproofing in both wet and dry conditions in different areas. Even if the home has quite an old construction, spray fireproofing will work perfectly on it. This insulation also works as an effective sound barrier and prevents noise from one room to another in a home. People having small homes can go for spray fireproofing in Toronto.

This form of fireproofing prevents the entry of insects and rodents that can easily enter from small spaces. Spray fireproofing covers every nook and corner of the home that can be the possible entry point for insects.


Spray fireproofing is ideal protection for large areas due to its easy application and quick insulation. It lasts longer than the traditional form of fireproofing. All this makes it the first choice of construction workers to use spray fireproofing in Toronto.