Using Spray Foam Insulation to Create a Greener World

May 11, 2020

Basements are very underrated and because of this we picturize a dank, dark and dingy room. It is generally seen with washing machine and dryer with used cartons of different sizes. Architects talking about basement insulation in Richmond Hill mention how improving the insulation made basements seem more appropriate for other activities. Also, because the home owner was saving 20-25% on their electricity every month, they had a little extra cash in hand for renovating their basement.

Recently, a worker preparing a basement insulation wall in Vaughan removed white ants and mold from the surface before starting his work. There was a strong odour in the room and large moisture stains on the walls. Luckily, the only purpose the room served was washing and drying clothes in machines.

Everything you need to know about spray foam insulation

The best insulation for basements is spray foam, let’s look at the benefits:

  • Prevents loss of air and keeps the power consumption low.
  • Fire resistant
  • It lowers noise levels and sound.
  • It does not attract pests like termites and rodents.
  • Extremely durable as it has a life of 70-80 years.
  • Not suitable for mold.

Once the spray foam is installed and the air-conditioning kicks in, it becomes obvious that there will be no unwanted variation in temperature at a half-hourly rate. This will also become obvious when you see your next utility bill, which will be lower because of the insulation. Hopefully, you have had all your rooms insulated, including the attic. If not, you could still be losing cool air and making your air-conditioning working overtime to match you require temperature setting.

Several projects with spray foam, which were completed recently for basement insulation in Richmond Hill, were handled by new vendors. After the project was over and the homeowners inspected their rooms, they found an odor like fish. It happens when the spray foam is not brought in use as per the required proportion, and there is no way of correcting it. Also, spray foam is made by multiple brands. Each has its chemical odor, consult your vendor before agreeing on any particular brand.

Don’t be in a rush to hire a vendor for your basement, check the credentials first, and ask about similar projects they have worked on. Read some customer testimonials and check online for issues that people face with spray foam. Keep in mind that it is an expensive affair and you could go for blown-in insulation instead. The whole process is usually completed in one day, so be there to check the insulation before the workers leave.

 For lowering the bills, you need insulation in all the rooms

Like mentioned before, only if all your rooms are insulated will you be saving on the utility bill. If your garage is connected to the house, it might need insulation too. After the basement’s spray foaming insulation is completed, you might like to use the room for something else. Many customers that opted for basement insulation in Richmond Hill also had their attics insulated. After both jobs were completed, they gave the rooms facelifts.

What’s great about spray foaming or blown-in insulation is that you are helping the environment by consuming less energy. Also, blown-in insulation is made from recycled materials like paper and glass.

With the current levels of pollution, city dwellers will always use air-conditioning and heating. It is also because the air outside is saturated with pollutants. So, the best advice for them is to optimize the insulation in their homes and get the insulation done on time. This itself will lead to putting bearing on utility bills and preventing the need for larger projects to generate enough energy to meet the expected growing demand.