Fireproofing and Insulation Will Keep You Away from Nightmares

May 11, 2020

Fire spells disaster for any commercial or private property. It can lead to loss of life and destruction of investments. The fire can be caused by a freak accident or someone’s negligence.

There are two kinds of fireproofing, Active and Passive. Active fireproofing or AFP refers to equipment installed that is triggered only at the appropriate time; a good example is a fire sprinkler system. Passive fireproofing or PFP is a safeguard for fire included in the initial design, and a good example is fire-resistant coating.

A brief understanding of fireproofing

Let’s look at a popular passive safeguard used to like spray fireproofing in Toronto. Spray Applied Fire Resistant Materials or SFRM are the most commonly used safeguards for structural materials. They are sprayed onto the contours of beams, columns, girders, etc. Also, it is usually used in the steel is hidden from view. During a fire, this spray lowers the temperature of the steel, ensuring it does not burn along with the other structures.

In Toronto, there are two types of spray fireproofing that are used across industries to increase safety levels for staff and customers:

Cementitious fireproofing: This is a material which is Portland cement based and often used to provide protection to structural steel from fire and also to protect structural concrete. Portland cement is amongst the most common type of glue around the globe.

Intumescent fireproofing:  It is a spray-applied coating that swells several times thicker than its original wet film; once exposed to heat. As it expands, it insulates and guards structural steel against the heat of the fire. Intumescent coatings provide a smooth surface that can be finished with a topcoat.

A Brief Understanding of Insulation

Blown-in insulation companies in Vaughan provide effective thermal insulation, proper air sealing, and cost-effective pricing to their customers. Blown-in insulation is quite often suggested as a ‘top-up’ for an existing installation. It is very appropriate for an attic because of its fireproofing quality and insulation, which saves a lot of money in energy bills by preventing the escape of cool or warm air.

The best part about blown-in insulation is that it ensures a consistent temperature in the room. It is because the surface it is applied upon is sealed effectively, not allowing any space or gaps for air to escape the room. Similarly, it also provides a level of sound dampening.

Attics are large and used by most people to store things of all sorts. If it has been insulated to prevent air from escaping and thereby lowering energy consumption, there are other benefits too. With insulation, an attic can be used for more than just a storage space, especially if it has a proper staircase to access it. Depending on the layout, it could be used as a bedroom, study, or music room.

According to some blown-in insulation companies in Vaughan, people are modifying three spaces after insulating them, the attic, basement, and garage.

Proper Home insulation Enhances the Property Value and Reduce the Utility Bill

There are multiple benefits of having your home insulated; one of them is that the value of the property goes up. In any city where winter and summer temperatures are uncomfortable, buyers will always want insulation to keep the bills low and to ensure uniformity in the indoor temperature.

Lots of people interested in spray fireproofing in Toronto have their valid reasons and also cherish their property. Nobody would like to see their home go up in flames. Therefore prevention is better than the cure. For every extra minute you get when a section of the house is on fire, the more you can ensure that all the people are safe and then save your possessions before the flames devour them.