Essential Things to Consider while Insulating your Garage

May 18, 2022
Spray Foam Insulation & Fireproofing

When it comes to our homes, particularly in the garage, the climate in Toronto can be problematic. In the summer, it’s either too hot and stuffy or too cold and damp in the winter. In any case, the temperature and humidity in the garage will affect the vehicles and equipment stored there and the insulating properties of the neighboring house. If you are looking to make your home safer, appropriate insulation is required to make it possible. Here, we are listing down the considerations that you should remember during garage insulation installation in Pickering.

Existing or newly constructed walls

It will vary depending on building a new garage or renovating an old one. If you have a garage with a shared wall with your neighbor, your sidewalls are already insulated. If your garage is attached to the side of your house, heat and energy may be lost from home into the garage. If the garage walls aren’t insulated, you’ll need to consider what type of insulation you can install.

External protection

If the garage were a separate addition to the house, this would work well because there would be enough space around it to insulate. You can use external wall insulation, such as wind blocks, or a suitable type of cladding in this case. Wooden shingles, for example, available in a variety of styles and colors, but you must examine the overall appearance and whether it complements the current house design.

Garage roof and floors

It’s easy to ignore the garage floor insulation. If you work in a garage, you will spend most of your time standing or lying down underneath cars on a chilly concrete floor. Insulation boards can be set down, but their thickness must be checked to ensure that the floor level is not raised excessively. Similarly, consider installing insulating panels on the garage roof and inspecting the roof tiles and underlay conditions.

Garage door openers

The garage door is another source of air leakage and a source of noise transmission. It’s time to replace the door if it’s past its prime, starting to warp, or not working. Consider buying a garage door with thermal qualities instead of replacing it with the same type.

These insulated garage doors are meant to keep the atmosphere relaxed and the air quality fresh by reducing heat loss in the garage. These garage doors are expanded polystyrene insulation panels with a reflective foil backing and a high-quality, easy-to-clean surface with built-in impact protection. They can also be adapted to existing vehicles.


With these considerations, you can make the best use of the skills of the insulation contractor. Whether you want garage insulation or basement insulation floor in Whitchurch-Stouffville or any other city in Ontario, reach out to Fire Proofing Kings to get top-rated services.