4 Clear Signs That Say Your Home Is Not Insulated Properly

December 20, 2022
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If you are here, you might be having a problem reaching a comfortable temperature in your home. You might wonder if there is a problem with your thermostat or something else. Well, such issues can occur due to under-insulation in your home. These issues can create health problems too. You should always get the best fireproofing in Toronto to ensure your house is insulated correctly. Following are four signs of under-insulation in your home:

1- Difficulty In Reaching A Comfortable Temperature

The heating and cooling systems are designed in such a way that they can create a comfortable atmosphere quickly. If you are unable to reach it inside your home, your walls might lack insulation. You should know that different insulation has different lasting periods. So, if it’s been a while, you should get someone to look into it.

2- Moisture Problem In the Attic

If you see an increased moisture issue in your attic or basement, your house might lack insulation. You should remember that a house needs complete insulation services, including a garage and basement. It will help you reach a comfortable temperature quickly, and you won’t have to worry about the moisture problem. You can get spray fireproofing in Toronto for your attic and basement, which will help you save money.

3- Increased Energy Bills

You will obviously use the HVAC for longer hours when your home doesn’t get cool or warm quickly. It will result in higher energy costs. You will see an increased bill continuously for months. It can also cause serious damage to your heating or cooling system. Insulation is a one-time process that will help you save money for many years to come.

4- Pest Problem

If your home’s insulation lacks quality, it can result in insect and pest problems. Your walls have micro holes that can become the route for insects entering your home. Timely fireproofing in Toronto will ensure you don’t face this issue. It will create a solid barrier so that no pest or insect will be able to get into your home.

Bottom Line

At Fire Proofing Kings, we have top-quality spray foam insulation, and we can install it in any area to add an extra layer of protection to your place. Once we are done, your home will become perfectly insulated. You can visit our website and connect with our experts for any query.